after show

i thrive off the moonlights promising glow

as the curtains fall over our facade of a show

yeah you sing my body electric

your hands so heavy, so hectic

it’s oh so very ironic

that we desperately plead platonic

yet as soon as speculations drown

its not only the lights that go down.



it’s difficult to ignore the beat of your heart,

when I feel it’s as rapid as mine.

it’s difficult to let go of your gaze,

when it’s making me drunk like wine.

it’s hard not to jump at the brush of your skin,

as it electrifies through me like wire.

it’s hard not to kiss you full on the mouth,

when the feeling ignites a fire.

so what can I do when I can’t confess,

when the words are on the tip of my tongue.

feelings of yearn grasp my chest,

welcome to the choke of the young.