second cloud to the right and straight on till I come knocking

For Ned  

life isn’t fair’

you hear them say,

but it’s very hard to see,

when life’s going your way.

‘you see God takes the best’

a comfort to the grieving soul,

but you don’t understand,

until you too bear that hole.

why did you fly away?’

I ask and I shout,

trying to comprehend,

what life’s all about.

‘please one more day’

oh God I beg of you,

just a smile and a laugh,

that I can hold on to.

‘this isn’t goodbye’

I promise oh I swear,

because no matter where I go,

I’ll look for you everywhere.

‘and when I come knocking,

promise me one thing?

I’ll want to play on that cloud,

so do be waiting’