divine condemnation

I’m your oldest artefact.


You observed me.

Preserved me.

You watched me grow.


Remember when I was the twinkle in your eye

When I made my entrance I saw you cry

You swore you’d love me forever

To date I was your most successful endeavour.


Artefacts crumble.

Something so reliant can be so delicate

And once you leave an artefact desolate


It will break.

It will weep.

It will crumble at its knees.


Don’t forget you’re leaving your art behind

Although believe me, it’s far from refined


solitary soliloquy

I don’t believe in love

or power up above

I don’t believe in hope
or methods of how to cope
I don’t believe in you
or things you swear aren’t true
I don’t believe in fate
or repression of choking hate
I don’t believe in compassion
or ‘betrayal’ as a fashion
No I don’t believe any of it.
But I believe in myself.
I’m my own greatest wealth.

Kill your own creation

Nothing seems to make sense anymore
How much can one person endure
Empty bottles, dark circles lacing eyes
Intoxication with a pool of lies
The thing with life is its element of surprise
Like betrayal and grief stricken cries
Another thing with life is many forgive
But remember family’s a democracy in which we live
So what path will one take
The tide depends on which you make
I watch you torn, you hesitate
I already know I’m way too late

to the infamous you,


i woke up one day and i knew it was true

i’d finally let go of the endeavour that was you

it took months of constant, well, shit

and meanwhile you still never found my clit.

all jokes aside now I’m a woman you see

and this woman knows you’ll never again touch me

don’t ask me what the devil i saw

to be quite honest you were often quite the bore.

no no, i don’t blame you for all those.. issues

but i’ll write a memo to send you my tissues

no i won’t be needing those but darling, you will.

What I mean to say is haven’t you seen my mother?

like fine wine we improve with age, so be prepared, my lover

don’t get me wrong what we had it was fun

but i don’t need a little boy who’ll get close then run

i loved playing games it was a thrill i’ll give you that

except you took it too far and looked like a class A prat

you called me ugly, and put me down in every way you could

despite the fact i worshipped the ground on which you stood

but less of the heartache I’m no victim so forgive me please

your boys they still want me from overseas


but back to the business I’m finally scot- free,

so don’t come calling just let me be,

you were a lesson well learnt and i thank you for that

you taught me how you can in fact love a massive twat

anyway i hope you find closure in these fleeting ladies

and wish you well in your treatment for rabies

i know i know i joke too much, i laugh too hard,

but thats just me- miss avant- garde

so excuse me for my fierceness and lack of grace

i’m sorry i can’t be just a complacent pretty face

i wish you well and every success but just so you know

if you call me in 10 years time, it’ll be a resounding no


take care, don’t get bald and fat,

love always, your notorious Nat x