The American DreamsĀ 

When I reflect upon the past of I 

The happy days I felt a high

I ponder why I felt so joyed

And why right now I feel a void

My brightest days are filled with places 

Beaches, sunsets, cities, spaces 

My toes buried in Californian sand 

The funk, the soul, of a live jazz band 

The way the Manhattan sky line rose 

The bitter Chicagoan wind on my nose 

The sin, the vice, the Vegas light

The warmth of each Floridian night

And whilst I love with all my soul 

It’s not another whom makes me whole

For when I’m laughing in the sun

My crinkled nose, I feel at one 

My happy days are spent alone 

And maybe that is how I’ve grown 

I don’t depend on the hands of another 

I no longer yearn for a friend or a lover

I have learnt that I myself am enough 

For whom else was wholly there when times got tough?

I know I’m not defined by anyone but I 

But Uncle Sam I cannot lie 

For when I was lost and felt alone 

Your cities I found always felt like home