Cerulean Chimera

When I look at you I see a spark of brilliance

Of withstanding resilience

A man who hasn’t lived his fulfillment

Who’ll sacrifice his soul for reconcilement

And that is how I know you

I feel every ache, every battle you’ve been through

You’re the kind of man a girl dreams about

Who could free me of every aching doubt

And in that sense I lust your being

A soul like yours is so freeing

I’m young but my soul is so very old

And my heart has become so very cold

So cease the fickle game

And smother me in your pain

Together we can rock the tide

And in me you can confide

I want to know your first love and pain

Who kissed you hard in the pouring rain

I want to know all of you from tip to toe

And free you gently of your heavy woe

Kiss your wounds and your steady lips

And wrap my legs around your hips

Because I know you don’t get it – I’m young and I’m free

But you’ll never feel home like you do next to me


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