Tempestuous Torrent

How do I find myself here

Living in the fast lane

My life is not as it may appear

In fact it’s quite insane

Does the surreal absorb me?

Take me as its own

It’s kind of warped to a degree

The echo of the moan

One can blame intoxication

The hazy reckless lust

One could plead provocation

No hesitation but an affirmed must

But explanation is what one will use

To cover up their desire

And whilst I have nothing to lose

I’ll keep sparking my internal fire

Once I used to let guilt enter my veins

But your eyes too search for I

So I’ll let you take the reins

Make me your beautiful little lie

And as we meet in the dark

With less incoherence

It’s clear on each we left our mark

To create this unexpected adherence

Are you reading this as you drink your morning coffee?

Wondering if this is about him or her or you

Or maybe you’re encroaching with subjectivity

For what you yearn to be true

And as you rise the world sighs a new day

Vastly contrasting where I sit now

With my candid words at play

The secrets of the night remain here I vow

So if you wish you know where to return

If you miss my troubled mouth

For that feeling once more you may yearn

And for all that points south

My god we live so far in contrast

To the point that this version of each other

May lay for years in the past

My forbidden blue moon lover

And although I can’t ask you to always love me like this

When we are caught in our blue moon bliss

Remember somewhere inside of me

The person I am those nights will always be


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