Angel of Darkness

Don’t you dare think about it

Don’t let it cross your mind

No it doesn’t quite fit

But there’s nothing more to find

Wake up dreamer it was all real

You did it what’s new

There’s nothing more to feel

It’s just the same old you

Yes it is quite amusing

You can’t seem to lay low

And yes it’s quite confusing

That you never say no

Stop letting your mind stray

Alright, that’s rather ironic

When those thoughts turn in to play

After a gin and tonic

Alright alright I accept my sin

I’m bad I’m wrong I’m so far gone

Pass me another gin

And call me queen of Babylon

Yes I’m being melodramatic

But I’m a woman in a quandary

Over why she’s so erratic

And constantly has dirty laundry

But I guess I can turn a new leaf

Keep out of trouble

Oh what a relief

Until my old ways double

It’s quite rich how I try to behave

But as soon as I ponder

It comes over me in a wave

And god that mouth… I wander…


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