2 can play

You think you know me well

Your assumptions you quickly tell

Don’t mix my desires with your own

He isn’t yours to place on loan

The beauty of it is the truth

But to reveal it is rather uncouth

Beside my life isn’t yours to unravel

You’ve already set me a path of gravel

Turn a blind eye close the door

We both know you’ve done that before

My youth is a playground I dance in the dark

And in his nights I’ve left my mark

Hunny now please try have some discretion

I didn’t see the signs saying he was your possession?

Didn’t no one ever teach you how to be gracious

You don’t get everything from being flirtatious

Now I don’t like to play this like any old game

But you can’t seem to let go of my name

I can’t help but smirk at your piteous fear

Hunny you really have no idea


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