New Years dissolution restitution?

I usually write about how I feel

But lately I don’t really know

Is there something I’m trying to conceal?

All I know is the words they won’t flow

Maybe I’m just copying you by being aloof

And maybe it’s about time

But I don’t buy it if I tell you the truth

Because I know you’re fractionally mine

Each time it’s a hesitant indefinite goodbye

Because we are each others muse

Hold your tongue don’t deny it don’t lie

We each have so much but so little to lose

I bring you alive in the words that I write

A poets muse how’s that for your ego?

And you bring me alive in the passion you fight

So I guess I’m the muse for your libido?

I like you I really do which is rare for me

But it’s a fact I’ve decided to embrace

Because whilst I am completely free

Sometimes I need the comfort of your face

And despite the games and the fights

Right now I want to keep you near

Because I do feel darkness some nights

And darling there’s so much that I fear

I will love again like I did once love you

And next time it’ll be exquisite I pray

And though I promised we were completely through

Just a while longer I must let him stay

When I answered this time I wasn’t a fool

I needed him to hold me near

Because fuck me this life has been cruel

I couldn’t lose him as well this year


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