Jekyll and Hyde

I’m torn between being a good person

And following my desire

With the night I worsen

And play recklessly with fire

Everything I’m engaging with

Is woven with danger and risk

But I tremble as your hands give

As we playfully frisk

I’m a slave to the euphoria

Of something so dark but consuming

Your mouth becomes my emporia

A world we keep on resuming

I know I make you question it all

Your life, your desires, your internal fire

But as you push me against the wall

I’m not the only beautiful little liar


Angel of Darkness

Don’t you dare think about it

Don’t let it cross your mind

No it doesn’t quite fit

But there’s nothing more to find

Wake up dreamer it was all real

You did it what’s new

There’s nothing more to feel

It’s just the same old you

Yes it is quite amusing

You can’t seem to lay low

And yes it’s quite confusing

That you never say no

Stop letting your mind stray

Alright, that’s rather ironic

When those thoughts turn in to play

After a gin and tonic

Alright alright I accept my sin

I’m bad I’m wrong I’m so far gone

Pass me another gin

And call me queen of Babylon

Yes I’m being melodramatic

But I’m a woman in a quandary

Over why she’s so erratic

And constantly has dirty laundry

But I guess I can turn a new leaf

Keep out of trouble

Oh what a relief

Until my old ways double

It’s quite rich how I try to behave

But as soon as I ponder

It comes over me in a wave

And god that mouth… I wander…

Tempestuous Torrent

How do I find myself here

Living in the fast lane

My life is not as it may appear

In fact it’s quite insane

Does the surreal absorb me?

Take me as its own

It’s kind of warped to a degree

The echo of the moan

One can blame intoxication

The hazy reckless lust

One could plead provocation

No hesitation but an affirmed must

But explanation is what one will use

To cover up their desire

And whilst I have nothing to lose

I’ll keep sparking my internal fire

Once I used to let guilt enter my veins

But your eyes too search for I

So I’ll let you take the reins

Make me your beautiful little lie

And as we meet in the dark

With less incoherence

It’s clear on each we left our mark

To create this unexpected adherence

Are you reading this as you drink your morning coffee?

Wondering if this is about him or her or you

Or maybe you’re encroaching with subjectivity

For what you yearn to be true

And as you rise the world sighs a new day

Vastly contrasting where I sit now

With my candid words at play

The secrets of the night remain here I vow

So if you wish you know where to return

If you miss my troubled mouth

For that feeling once more you may yearn

And for all that points south

My god we live so far in contrast

To the point that this version of each other

May lay for years in the past

My forbidden blue moon lover

And although I can’t ask you to always love me like this

When we are caught in our blue moon bliss

Remember somewhere inside of me

The person I am those nights will always be

Cerulean Chimera

When I look at you I see a spark of brilliance

Of withstanding resilience

A man who hasn’t lived his fulfillment

Who’ll sacrifice his soul for reconcilement

And that is how I know you

I feel every ache, every battle you’ve been through

You’re the kind of man a girl dreams about

Who could free me of every aching doubt

And in that sense I lust your being

A soul like yours is so freeing

I’m young but my soul is so very old

And my heart has become so very cold

So cease the fickle game

And smother me in your pain

Together we can rock the tide

And in me you can confide

I want to know your first love and pain

Who kissed you hard in the pouring rain

I want to know all of you from tip to toe

And free you gently of your heavy woe

Kiss your wounds and your steady lips

And wrap my legs around your hips

Because I know you don’t get it – I’m young and I’m free

But you’ll never feel home like you do next to me

Disenchanted Dalliance

Don't look at me like that
You know I can't cope with your eyes
You know that I've spent years
Dancing in shadows of your lies
You are so beautiful
Although I can't quite work out
Whether you're that confident
Or your arrogance comes from doubt
It sometimes disgusts me
How you dance like the world is yours
But your aura is a breathe of fresh air
From the blues and the bores
You spin me in the moonlight
Your bright eyes with that glint
Each year we fall back together
I get that same old hint
It's like you want to caress me
Softly in your troubled embrace
But when my hands linger
You quickly let go of my face
Darling you're so scared aren't you?
Of opening up to the one you love to hate
But maybe our dark paths of life
Keep joining together as fate

a series of unfortunate heartwrench 1.0

You were the first
And since your lips I've been cursed
I remember thinking now this is complication
But you were the first of a whole damn compilation
It was all wrong we both said
But that all changed once we got to bed
When it was the two of us we didn't care
This innocent intimacy we didn't have to share
But when you have the world on your shoulder
The outside world acts as a boulder
You loved me yes I'm pretty sure
It's just you felt you owed your family more
We were too young to have felt what we felt
And really a shit card we got dealt
But you taught me love like no other
And you were my best friend as well as my lover
If the world wasn't so heavy maybe you'd still be here
And together we'd have conquered the obstacles and our fear

Rocky Horrorscope

I like my liquor bitter
Like my deep dark soul
Maybe it's kick
Will make me feel whole
If this doesn't then what?
Nothing seems to soothe
I feel blank yet so intricate
I could hang in the louvre
It is an art this life I live
There seems to be a knack
A bit like 'smile, don't falter'
'Don't let them see you crack'
I'm tired of this endless cycle
Of every god damn day
For god sake oh surely
There must be an easier way
But I've been down every avenue
I've shouted, begged and cried
But all to no avail
Well shit at least I tried
So now I sit in silence
Alone by choice of heart
There's no more chances given
To risk being torn apart
Oh solitude you may seem pitiful
To the eye of the spectator
But everyone leaves you nevertheless
I just found out sooner rather than later
Don't pity me my love
For some riches I still hold
And life has made me stronger
I'll be a wise girl when I'm old
And maybe one day I'll let go
Of what coats my heart in glass
I'll learn to love again
And let the memories pass
For this does not define me
This period of unclarity
But I can't seem to shake off
The overwhelming, encompassing disparity
And no matter how clear my head
Or foggy from the liquor I adore
Neither form gives me clues
To what the future has in store