acquiescent accessories

march, april, may.

today’s just another day.

my favourite moment is the bliss,

of the early morning kiss,

the part where I wake up dazed,

in that moment so unfazed,

forgotten is the bleak reality,

my mind as wavering as the deep blue sea,

I forget the troubles of the past,

the plight this god damn universe cast,

but then I remember the loss, the pain,

the strong, resilient, incessant rain,

oh give me one more day of sun,

i’m sick and tired of my daily succumb,

for what use is silent ordeal,

how much more can one feel?

so notice as all your days rise,

I still bathe in the web of lies,

plead your innocence you do ‘no wrong’,

but you knew your sins all along,

I hope you one day experience this deceit,

for as they say, revenge is sweet,

so take your stand, play your part,

each one of you helped break my heart.



second cloud to the right and straight on till I come knocking

For Ned  

life isn’t fair’

you hear them say,

but it’s very hard to see,

when life’s going your way.

‘you see God takes the best’

a comfort to the grieving soul,

but you don’t understand,

until you too bear that hole.

why did you fly away?’

I ask and I shout,

trying to comprehend,

what life’s all about.

‘please one more day’

oh God I beg of you,

just a smile and a laugh,

that I can hold on to.

‘this isn’t goodbye’

I promise oh I swear,

because no matter where I go,

I’ll look for you everywhere.

‘and when I come knocking,

promise me one thing?

I’ll want to play on that cloud,

so do be waiting’